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Are Your Feet Taking You Somewhere?

Our ministry recently hosted a children’s outreach in one of the villages. Close to 100 children participated ranging in age from two to thirteen. We set up stations and divided the children by age. They enjoyed music and dancing, face painting, making a special craft, and hearing a short devotional about God’s great love for them. We served the kiddos pap and gravy for lunch. It was a great day for everyone involved! So much fun!

When the day was drawing to a close, I left the church building and headed down the road to meet Chris. While walking, an adorable little girl about five or six years old joined me. She asked, “Are your feet taking you somewhere?” I explained that I was meeting Papa Chris. She seemed satisfied with my answer and ran off to play with the other children.

I have thought about her question a number of times over the past couple weeks. “Are my feet taking me somewhere?” According to Hebrews 11, I need to live by faith. It fact, the passage says that without faith it is impossible to please God. Sometimes faith is tangible, and sometimes faith is simply praying, walking, and letting our feet take us somewhere.

The Bible says that by faith Abraham left his home and journeyed to distant land. A place he didn’t know, yet his feet took him there. Distant lands can be physicals places, and they can also be places of the heart. I traveled to Africa in my heart before my feet ever landed here.

Where are your feet taking you? Are you physically moving, or is your heart changing and taking a journey?

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