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“The purpose of a storyteller is not to tell you how to think, but to give you questions to think upon.” ― Brandon Sanderson

I recently heard a story about John McKnight, the founder of Asset-Based Community Development. He was speaking to a group of urban workers and had previously arranged to introduce himself. He began his introduction by saying his name and then looked downward to expose thinning hair on the crown of his head. “I’m going bald,” he said. He then proceeded to discuss his recent eye exam and the need for a stronger prescription. Among other things, he shared about jobs he had lost, and then, for an introduction grand finale lifted his shirt and exposed a large scar on his abdomen.

I have introduced myself on a number of occasions. I generally open with my name, information about my family, personal achievements, and ministry information. I have always considered an introduction to be a way of pointing out the best things in my life. Yet those types of introductions leave out the more interesting side of who I am.

I was privileged in December to do a podcast interview with Eric Nevins. The experience was amazing. Eric and I, along with Laura Bartnick from Capture Books, met at a coffee shop on the beautiful grounds of Denver Seminary in Littleton, Colorado. The campus is located near the Rocky Mountain foothills. The day was brisk but my excitement and nervousness kept me warm.

Eric instantly put me at ease. His questions were thought provoking, drawing out the storyteller in me. I talked about accomplishments, but more so, shared about my life’s journey: the good times and bad times, the seasons of well-being and the seasons of surgery that have left scars similar to John McKnight’s abdomen.

I hope you enjoy listening to the podcast – the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly.

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