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Don’t Be Shakin’ Your Head

In July, my husband and I, along with 200 plus kindergarteners through 4th graders, celebrated our 35th wedding anniversary. Our ministry was hosting a children’s outreach that day in the rural South African village of GaPila. Thankfully, later in the month, we were able to enjoy a special honeymoon getaway. Chris and I, as a couple, think it’s important to celebrate anniversaries, birthdays, holidays, and special occasions. We just don’t always celebrate them in traditional ways.

In the majority of life’s arenas, my husband and I think alike. Yet once in a while, we find ourselves viewing things differently. Sometimes those differences are based on gender, and, at other times, they are based on personality, thought processes, and life experiences.

In my book, The Whispering of the Willows, there’s an engaging and comical example of a young couple’s struggle with different aspects of navigating love.

“Emie, ain’t I always told you that you’re the prettiest girl in the holler? I ain’t changed my mind.”

“Mimi is so sophisticated, and I’m some homely holler girl. She can dance the Charleston and sing like a lark…Did she dance or sing for you, Rudy?”

“I already told you, Emie, we were standin’ in front of my daddy’s store. Of course, she didn’t dance or sing.” Rudy shook his head in frustration.

“And don’t be shakin’ your head at me, Rudy. It makes me mad.”

“Seems like you’re plenty mad, and I ain’t done nothin’, Emie. I’m gonna head on home. When you’re back to normal, let me know. I’ll come callin’ again.”

Navigation can involve celestial guidance. I am not talking about astrology. I’m talking about looking to God who is enthroned in the heavens and asking for direction. Relationships can be tricky. It’s a relief for me to know that the Lord is very concerned about my relationship with Him and my relationships with others.

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