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Cross & Bible

My favorite door style is the “cross and bible.” In high school, I volunteered as a tour guide for a local museum. A couple of times a week, I would dress in turn of the century clothing (mostly adapted homecoming or prom dresses) and spend the day at a small historical home describing antique furnishings and out-dated household functions. The narration was scripted by the museum director and included information about cross and bible doors. The top of the door is shaped like a cross and the bottom of the door looks like an open book depicting God’s Word.

Doors are funny things. They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. They open. They close. Some even lock to keep others out and secrets in. An open door invites entrance, while a closed door clearly says that privacy is needed.

Ministry doors are the same. Opportunities to share the love of Christ come in a variety of ways. A smile or nod invites conversation while crossed arms, a scowl, or downcast eyes say leave me alone.

Last week, late in the evening, I went shopping at a local Wal-Mart in Colorado. After making my purchases, I headed toward the store exit. At the front of the store, just outside the McDonald’s, a woman was sitting on a drab grey colored bench. She looked tired. Her body was bent over with her arms resting on her knees. Her head was drooped; her eyes looking at the dismal flooring.

As I walked past her, I felt a sense of sorrow. Her door, however, was closed. There was no invitation to share a smile or wave - much less engage in conversation. She was locked inside a room with her sadness. I took a few more steps then turned around. Sometimes, even if a door is locked, a gentle knock and a soft greeting make way for entrance.

“Are you okay?” I asked.

“Why, don’t I look alright!? Do I look that bad!?”

I felt intimidated. “You’re very pretty,” I replied. “You just seem sad.”

My new friend began to cry.

It seemed appropriate to introduce myself. “My name is Tonya. Is it alright if I pray for you?”

“I’m Eve.” She then added sarcastically, “Happy New Year.”

Eve and I then discussed God’s great love. Spiritual doors can be redefined. Dark colored, closed, and locked doors can be reshaped into cross and bible doors. I am asking the Lord for open ministry doors this year. I am also asking for wisdom and guidance about closed doors.

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