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Creative Gifts (To Give & Receive)

It’s that season again. November rolls into town, and it’s time to make a shopping list of creative gifts for the special people in your life. Whether you need a starting platform or an idea for just one more gift, I wanted to share my list of favorite things to give and receive. Hopefully they provide you with inspiration for unique and special presents.

1. Bejeweled pens in pastel colors – As a writer this is a must for me!

2. Vintage note cards

3. Handcrafted tree ornaments

4. Books endorsed by bloggers…such as those promoted on the Books for Bonding Hearts blog

5. Beaded bags

6. Unique jewelry Items…including unusually shaped, over-sized rings

7. Silk scarves – For those in South Africa, you can visit Africa Silks online showroom for a wide selection of beautiful silk scarves

8. Vintage oil cans

9. Old west muzzle loader revolvers

10. Sleekly designed arrows for display or actual shooting

Amazon is my go to shopping place, but, when time permits, I enjoy browsing off the beaten path local antique/vintage stores. One of a kind thoughtful gifts are my absolute favorite!

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