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Hosting A Literary Luncheon

To intentionally kill a honey bee brings bad luck. (Appalachian Folk Belief)

Wouldn’t it be fun to host or attend a literary event? If I was going to sponsor such a unique festivity, I would theme the event around my Appalachian historical novel, The Whispering of the Willows, set in the late 1920’s. The invitations would feature a spectacular mountain view including a creek in the forefront, whose banks are lined with numerous willow trees of varying sizes. The dress would be flapper attire, and the music would include old favorites like, Someone to Watch Over Me ( The table decorations would be mason jar vases filled with tender willow branch shoots and wildflowers. For good measure, it would be lovely to include sprigs of fragrant purple lilacs. I would enjoy featuring a combination of mountain flair breakfast and lunch dishes: milk tea, chicory coffee, berry cobbler, farm fresh eggs topped with goat cheese, drop biscuits with honey (including bits of the comb), back bacon, fried potatoes flavored with onion and red pepper, and greens of some sort. I might even prepare fried chicken. Each place setting would include a name card with an Appalachian folk belief such as the importance of calling a fishing hook after someone you love. The table cloths would be vintage quilts either stitched or knotted, designed and crafted using cast off clothing. The event would open in prayer and include a brief hymn sing. I would also enjoy sharing an encouraging excerpt from my book. Guests would be invited to share a recent spiritually encouraging encounter. Hopefully friends in attendance would enjoy a taste of days gone by and be reminded of the treasures of friendship and simple living.

Does hosting a literary brunch appeal to you? If so, what would be your theme and dream for the special event?

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