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Big Purse or Little Purse?

I like big purses. I always have. I somehow feel a need to carry diverse articles with me: random receipts, a collection of pens and mechanical pencils, a notebook, nail clippers, lipsticks, business cards, a small mirror, dental floss…I recently attended a ladies’ event and based on the number of semi-obscure objects in my purse, I won a game. The prize was an oversized deliciously smooth milk-chocolate bar.

In South Africa, as a gesture of chivalry, men carry their wives or girlfriends’ purses. On occasion, Chris will carry my over-sized bag, but generally it is mine to bear.

A few weeks ago, a friend told me about an interesting picture she viewed of a purse with roots coming out of the bottom. Her description started me thinking about what I should and shouldn’t carry with me. If my big purse had roots, what would be growing inside, and what would eventually blossom from the top?

I’m not just writing about my compulsive need to be prepared for whatever comes my way, but, also, about things that I carry in my heart that weigh me down. Matters of the heart can’t be carried by someone else even if the person is gallant and brave.

Things like fear, disappointment, resentment, insecurity, self-doubt and others need to go. But since I like big bags, those items will need replaced. It doesn’t seem appropriate to carry an empty purse. I would like to re-fill my bag with courage, excitement, forgiveness, confidence, and, most importantly, the love of God.

“Handbags speak louder than words.” (anonymous) The love of God is loud, very loud, and speaks louder than a handbag.

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