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Big Boy

The term “big boy” can mean a lot of different things. The big boy was covered in Big Boy sunscreen while riding his Big Boy enjoying a Big Boy. Some words have a variety of definitions.

When reading, I enjoy understanding different meanings of familiar words and learning new words. To figure out meanings in context, I use the same strategies that I was taught in elementary school.

1. Examine words set apart by commas or parentheses

2. Context clues

3. Word parts

4. Related words

In my opinion, authors who write for adults, often use familiar words instead of challenging the reader’s mind. I understand that the goal is to present a clear, understandable story. YET, learning new words is important. Stretching our minds is a good thing.

As an author if I wanted to describe the (sumo wrestler) picture to the left there are more creative, interesting, and challenging words than big boy:

Samson was a bruiser.

Goliath’s broad expanse was intimidating.

Was he a man or a hulk?

The size of his hallux and other toes were massive.

Like a gorilla, he beat his chest advertising body size and strength.

The substantial figure loomed over the crowd.

Was the beefcake more beef or cake?

There was no hold the pickle, hold the lettuce for this whopper.

Writing is a passion of mine. Reading is also a passion. In addition, I have an affinity for learning new words.

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